Create a clear strategy and vision to grow or launch your idea. Experience increased shared leadership within your teams. Streamline your operations. Measure your results so that can do more of what’s working well.

I provide professional services for teams, businesses and non-profit organizations.

  • Non-Profit growth
  • Business development
  • Impact measurement
  • Leadership and Governance design and support

What’s unique about working with me:

  • Our work is as a partnership rather than a consultancy. This means that we take the time to get to know each other and I take the time to understand what you do and who you work with. The relationship for the long run is important to me.
  • What we’re doing together is more than just work, it’s about reciprocity and creating something beautiful together.
  • Not all situations are alike. I use best practices and frameworks and co-design an approach with you.
  • Asking the difficult questions upfront with curiosity helps us more quickly discover pathways forward and saves time.
  • With clear agreements and communication, we can work in a way that is agile and change as need.
  • I am committed to the outcome rather than fixed projects.
  • Relationships matter.

Clients I work with and am passionate about:

A few notes about me:

As a dual citizen (Canadian / American) who grew up overseas half my life, in India, Japan, Russia, Macedonia and the other half in the US and Canada, this experience gave me a perspective that has me look from a bit further back and compare different perspectives and points of view.

I am a lifelong learner and have a deep love of nature and enjoy exploring the back-country, mountain biking, growing food, and have had many insights from vision quest and solo backpacking trips.

In my professional life, I’ve run a tech company, managed a Non-Profit focused on Regenerative Agriculture, and for the past ten years been consulting as a COO and furthering the work of organizations and businesses whose missions I care deeply about. I love solving problems and discovering why we do what we do and how to become more effective at doing what we care about.