Hi! I’m a business and organizational development specialist with international experience in building organizations and high functioning teams.

I work with teams to grow performance and accountability by coaching on mission alignment, leadership, and strong execution.

Jonas David Hunter

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My key areas of focus

  • Intention. Develop and Implement your Vision, Strategy, and Execution Plans through a Whole System based framework.
  • Culture. Create a culture of accountability, harmony, and innovation through leadership development within teams, vision alignment, clear agreements and roles, organizational habits, open communication between peers, and effective use of self-governance.
  • Innovation. Process and systems for greater creativity
  • Execution. Engineer your organization for Profit and Whole System Health through shared information, systems, measurement, and incentive


  • Before you start — your organizations’ blueprint
  • Discovering your mission and vision and creating mission alignment
  • Culture foundation and implementing tools and habits for engagement and accountability
  • Implementing shared governance
  • Strategic management and change
  • Creating strong agreements
  • Design for Profitability with aligned incentives, cost controls, and systems

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