Coaching and Mastermind

Personal Coaching and Mastermind

I’m passionate about people discovering the truth about themselves and the world, about connecting with who they are, connecting with each other, and with their work in a deep and meaningful way. I love it when people are able to accomplish extraordinary things they never knew possible. I’ve been privileged to have mentors in my life who helped me and to have had experiences that I learned from, and I’m here to help others.

I’m passionate about creating beautiful experiences together, and projects that last. It’s the small touches, the gift, that little extra that makes all the difference.

You’re ready to go; you have the passion and desire to create something meaningful and and feel like you could use some help, or maybe that something’s missing, perhaps you’ve been working on your own for a while, or maybe you don’t have experience running a business and are looking to create a team and grow. I’m here to help.

Let’s get curious together. I’ll bring my passion to help you level up your game, ask the tough questions, provide support to help you streamline your operations, agreements, systems, and provide a peer-ship and accountability along the way. As a part of coaching with me, you’ll be invited to join our mastermind. This isn’t your usual coaching, you’re getting a collaborator and access to a wide network of tools and other talented individuals.

People lack clarity and the tools to make sound decisions. There’s so much information and misinformation at a fast pace which things are being done now more than ever and people are starting beautiful companies with a wealth of tools at their fingertips but without the experiences in business.

They are looking for accountability for themselves and their team. They are looking for comradery.

It used to be that the job of the CEO was a lonely one, but that has changed, the way of doing business is now a generous, collaborative and co-creative.  

We also now must address in our brands the beliefs and values of the ways it involves story, and connect with our people and customer. We must address the cultural wounds and work to and work toward reconciliation within our businesses and communities. 

WE have the opportunity to connect with other networks and collaborate with others and address models of governance. 

  • Getting to the heart of the matter.
  • Mastermind. Safe and Brave space.
  • Do you need confidence? Clarity? 
  • Does your team need a strategy, clarity, direction? 
  • Do you need leadership and a steady point of check-in for your goals and vision? 
  • Are you a startup and need help getting your business off the ground? 
  • Do you need a group to keep you accountable and learn from? Join our mastermind.
  • Assessment, Research, Coaching, Solution Delivery

I help you develop the strong foundations in your business in agreements, structures, operations, and systems so that you can put your time where it is needed the most, and delegate work while keeping the visibility and ownership.

I provide monthly and quarterly support or facilitation in crafting planning and review sessions with your team and stakeholders.

Are you starting a new project or getting one off the ground but not sure how to get moving?



It’s time to level up

Bring a higher level of confidence to your work through peer-connection, clarity, tools, and accountability.


How do your values align with everything you do? Do you trust your team to make decisions? Does the work that you commit to get done?


A clear vision brings confidence. Why are you doing what you’re doing?


How ready are you to adapt to changing markets? Psychologically, strategically? Are you taking an emergent and strategic approach?


Now more than ever we need to work together in ways that are inclusive, empowering, and effective. Do your agreements with your partners and team reflect an open and structured collaboration?

Confidence Coach. I’ve been there. My approach is not to tell you what to do, but help you find the answers yourself, to help you to expand your capacity,


Regenerative Agriculture

  • Ecovillage Design, Findhorn, Scotland
  • Permaculture Design Cert, OAEC, CA
  • Farm Management, Sweet Water Farm
  • Farm Management 1-year Course, Whidbey Island, WA
  • COO, Sacred Capital

facilitation, dialogue, mediation & conflict resolution

  • Way of Circle, Whidbey Island, WA
  • Art of Hosting, Bowen Island, BC
  • Testimonials from five years of experience in Organizational development
  • International life experiences
  • Social Investment Impact Assessment for Indigenous Entrepreneurs
  • Spiritual Studies in transpersonal psychology, meditation, shamanism, and wilderness solos

leadership and business

  • 10 years as a social business consultant
  • 10 years as CEO of international services business
  • Experience as Technology CEO and Product Manager
  • Executive Director, Kiss the Ground

About Me: 3rd culture, global citizen, a west coaster, Canadian-American, extroverted introvert, started first company at 22, last 10 years in transformational business consulting.